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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do your art lessons Canterbury last?

The seasons art class run a 14 week program, on the same day of the week. The classes run for 3 hours with morning and afternoon slots available.

Do we need to book in advance?

It is advisable, as our art lessons Canterbury are nearly always oversubscribed. We limit the number of attendees per course, so if the first 14 week course is full, students will need to wait until the second 14 week course begins.

Can I pay as I go?

This is a comprehensive 14 week course, where students are committed to the full syllabus, as we have seen in the past, students learn WAY more than they normally would attending just a few classes, here and there. 

What happens if I miss a lesson?

The individual modules are structured in a way that means you can easily catch up, with the tutor and classroom assistant offering one-on-one help where needed… We provide you hand outs of what you have learnt within the classes too and if you feel that is not enough, we allow you to join in on the classes you have missed on the following 14 week course too! So honestly do not worry 🙂 

How easy is it to secure a place?

Just call on 01227 903133 or fill out one of our forms… Numbers vary as you would expect from one course to the next, but a high proportion of our attendees choose to come back straight away for further tutoring or workshops with us, with some attending our modules every single term.

Where are you classes held?

Our art lessons Canterbury are held in Chartham Village Hall, Station Road, Chartham, Canterbury CT4 7JA

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, is the simple answer. In fact it’s ideal! Each term starts with an introductory module and the individual sessions are then designed for students who are learning to paint and draw for the first time.

What happens if Im more experienced?

If you are a returning pupil looking to improve your artistic skills after attending a previous foundation-level art course with us, you will paint different projects to the beginners and receive a level of teaching that is appropriate to your experience.

What age range do you teach?

All of our lessons are intended for adults only, with attendees ranging in age from 18 to 90+. Many are ‘active retired’, keen to take on a new creative hobby now that they have a bit of extra time on their hands, and our weekly meetings offer a chance to socialise and mix with like-minded people, creating many long-lasting friendships.

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